Import high precision NTC temperature sensor allows accuracy of 0.1℃(ordinary thermostat’s temperature tolerance 2-3℃). Import first-class chip ensure fast reaction: start boiler within 1 second; stop boiler within 1 second once target temperature achieved.

Automatically lower temperature to help your sleep and metabolism.

Temperature Difference Barely Noticed Indoor temperature fluctuate within 0.4℃, avoiding uncomfortableness.

Control your boiler no matter where you are, living room, bedroom, on your way home or to work, business trip, you name it...

Just slide your fingers on phone to set the temperature you want when you want it.

Cloudwarm, transmitting combined data of Cloudwarm and boiler to server via Wi-Fi ; In turn the server transmits data to homeowner’s smart phone, tablet or laptop, offering a remote control to your home temperature. Cloudwarm makes programming no longer complicated. Most of our users install Cloudwarm on their own. All settings will have backups on servers located in mainland China, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, promising a safe and sustainable service.

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Just download and install APP onto your smart phone, tablet or laptop, and sign up, you can connect and control Cloudwarm and boiler through your phone immediately. Adjusting temperature, programming, switching modes, checking heating status can all be done on your mobile devices at anytime from anywhere by Internet, which means a lovely and warm home will be waiting for you when you are still miles away from home.

Programming according to one week schedule; Set temperatures for certain time periods; Let your boiler work only when it is necessary by presetting Cloudwarm, allowing up to 20% gas cost down. With precise NTC temperature sensor built inside, Cloudwarm can avoid obvious temperature fluctuate, and reduce the frequency of switching on/off boiler. Not just saving gas, but also protect your boiler.

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High efficiency WIFI design, providing the best communication and wireless connection; Precise temperature sensor, transmitting indoor temperature accurately to boiler. World leading chip ensure its excellent performance, outstanding stability, and notably energy saving.

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On App, you can clearly check your home temperature, Wi-Fi connection, running mode, and heating status etc.

Enter program mode; preset one week schedule; set target temperature for different time to suit your needs; You only have to program the same schedule for once, then Clouwarm can copy the settings onto other days.

If changes to preset program needed for a “one off” event, like an unexpected holiday or an early off from work, all you need is just to switch to manual mode, and set per the circumstances. If you want to go back to the original programming, just switch it back.

You can still protect your home while away, using minimum cost. Enter Off mode when you are out. Cloudwarm will start anti-frost function in no time and remains in Off mode. Automatically turn on boiler when room temperature is too low, with only a little gas needed. When boiler temperature reaches a certain point, Cloudwarm will stop boiler and save energy.

Super slim refined design; High quality aviation aluminum housing; One step molding process by high-speed precise machine.

Bright digital LED display, clearly readable in any environment.

Two cables BUS connection, allowing replacement of old thermostat in a simple and easy way..

Built-in Wi-Fi module offers users a super low energy consumption solution to connect thermostat and boiler. Integrate basedhand processor, RF transceiver unit and power amplifier; Wi-Fi protocol and TCP/IP protocol supported. HF-LPB realize AP+STA Coexistence network mode, supporting P2P simultaneously. Hardware upgrade is supported.

NTC resistor value range: 1KΩ~200KΩ; Excellent insulation property; High reliability; Quick response performance; Operating temperature range: -40~110℃

Using two world leading energy saving technologies: STM32L series chip supplied by one of the world’s largest chip companies STMicroelectronics, and ARM Cortex-M3 processor core, Cloudwarm offers extraordinary low power consumption processing capability, high sustainability and great energy efficiency.

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